Aircraft of the 6988th (mostly)

RB-29A 290 RB-50G 91528 A good picture of 91524 at Yokota AB
91532 Yokota AB 1964 91533 IRAN (date unk) 91537 - Main "Strawbridge" plane Bangkok, Thailand, c. 1965
Bangkok, c. 1965 Da Nang AB Da Nang AB Da Nang AB
91524 returning from a mission. Da Nang AB, c. 1966 ? and Linnie Hill wait to meet 91524 after a mission 91524 departing DaNang EC-121D. When needed, partially crewed by 6988th linguists.
EC-121D interior US Navy EC-121 (shot down 15 April 1969). See "History" page for more info. Current recon aircraft, RC-135V/W "Rivet Joint" reconnaissance aircraft. This aircraft replaced all RC-130's (A & B models) over roughly a seven-year period starting in 1967.