Da Nang AB, Vietnam

Da Nang AB, South Viet Nam, c. 1966 Aerial view - Tent City Tent City I - Da Nang Tent City I
Tent City I Tent City I Hope no one had to stay here Perimeter. Tent City I is on right. Agent Orange is on the left.
Jerry Wilson, Tent City I Dave Wagner (Bat 1) working, working, working; Tent City I, c.1965 (late) or early '66. Dave Wagner, Tent City, c. 1965 Tent City I ... unk GI's
Tent City I - Da Nang c.1965 Steve Senderling Bill LeLake, getting rid of the evidence Sid Pruitt & Jack Poulson
Ralph Stakely (front) & Ron Gibala, c. 1965 Tent City II Tent City II Tent City II
Tent City II Tent City III (guys unk) Dane Zeller and Rick Oakes, c.1966 Center top: Nick Nicoletta (ex Pete Thiffault - with hand over face), on his right: Chuck ("the shark") McAbee; on Nick's left, Dane Zeller. Not sure of the others. This is in Tent City III with cement floors & slotted wood siding.
? ? Tent City scene Marv Parker 1967
Dave Hugenot (forground) and Ken Kramer Ken Kramer Person 5 Person 6
Person 8 Unsure - Da Nang Bill Bowman Jerry Wilson, Bob Dow c.1966
Jerry Wilson, Bob Dow,  c. 1966 Jerry Wilson, Bob Dow Wilson & DOw "Latrine Singers" (that became the name of their duo)
Jerry Wilson, Bob Dow, c. 1966 Bob Dow - R.I.P., my friend  Lost battle with cancer Gerry Murdock Dane Zeller, Gerry Murdock
George Ittner + a really short Marine Jerry Wilson Bob Stevenson, Bill Bowman, Garrett Rice, Jim Peterson Joel Daven with his good buddy
Joel Daven ? McGungle? 006 This is what our bunkers looked like at first, then when they made them a bit bigger, they decided to protect the garbage. Only in the military.
Someone's going "home" Tent City III Tent City III Tent City III ... and if i didn't know better, I'd say that guy is calling someone on his cell phone. Anyone we know wear berets like that?
Anybody recognize these guys? Magill?, Tom Riggins, Christmas '65, Da Nang AB Hal Mahnke (T-shirt). The rest I'm not sure of. c.1966 R-L: Gerry Carter and Tom Riggins. Chi-lings at the 6924th, c.1965
Barracks for the PCS guys. c.1997 Image11 (2) Da Nang enlisted mess(?) Da Nang "O" club, left-center.
Da Nang "O" club. Nice name. Airmen's Club. Well, it's breezy. Latrines. Must be monsoon season
Image9 (2) Image9 Marines going to/from downtown Da Nang(?) No worries. We're safe.
024 (2) Yikes. Poulson drove his car here! (Just kidding.) Upgraded bunkers. Outside Tent City II (?) Thirsty, anyone? (Note: You can see where 2-3 cases were ripped open because someone loved hot Coke so much)
Nancy Sinatra. USO tour Feb. 1967. Airmen's Club. c.1966. Airmen's Club c.1966 Gerry Murdock and USO singer, Airmen's Club
018 Oops. Sandbag detail. Jim Gooding's on the right on the ground. Not sure of anyone else. 019 Bill Oakes, ?  Sandbag detail, China Beach.
014 015 016 022
026 China Beach. Monkey Mountain in background. China Beach China Beach. (Note black flag [usu. indicates strong undertow or other unsafe condition], but guys are in the ocean, anyway, and the lifeguard doesn't seem to be doing much about it.
016 (2) 033 Bill Baker - China Beach Davey Johnson & Walt Bates, China Beach, c.1967
015 (2) ChinaBeach USO Monkey Mountain. Date taken unknown. DaNang downtown scenes.....
Nick Nicoletta, downtown Da Nang, c.1965 028 Da Nang street scene, c.1965 Da Nang street scene, c.1965
Nick lookin' checkin' his six 030 051 032
045 037 Nick Nicoletta, Bob Guido 050
011 026 (2) 021 022 (2)
020 (2) 040 AirVietnam -Douglas C-54D landing Da Nang c.1966 USAF B-57 - Da Nang
Flight Line - Da Nang AB, S. Viet Nam Flight Line, Da Nang AB, S. Viet Nam, (USAFSS C-130BII's) 019 (2) 036
038 039 040 (2) 041 (2)
042 (2) 043 044 045 (2)
Some of us were there the night this happened. 23 March 1967. What was left of the C-141 (see previous pic). 23 March 1967.