This page contains pretty much a mish-mash of documents relating to USAFSS or the 6988th (directly or indirectly), plus a few interesting [recently declassified] historical documents, mostly from the NSA, a couple of essays, and a miscellany of other publications that you just might find interesting and informative.

A new Glossary page is available to decode jargon, abbreviations and acronyms, should someone be unfamiliar with a specific term ... or, like in my case, to jog one's withering memory.

A section that will include copies of orders from some of our colleagues, vouchers, etc., is being built. In addition to their historical (and, to some, nostalgic) value, some may actually help some of our fellow USAFSS/6988th vets who are working with the VA.

All documents accessed through this page are in standard "PDF" format and do not require Adobe Acrobat Reader, per se. There are many programs (also free) that can read PDF format.

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NOTE: It's been suggested that a section for bio's of our former colleagues be added. This could happen down the road (easy to add) should there be sufficient interest. If you have any thoughts on the matter, either way, you can send the a quick email.

Glossary page
AFISRA/25th AF "A Continuing Legacy" Publications (from the command's History Office ... all large files):
1948-1949 "The First History"
1948-2009 "From USAFSS to ISR Agency"
1948-2010 "From USAFSS to ISR Agency"
1948-2012 "From USAFSS to ISR Agency"
1948-2014 "Chronology"
"Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst Career Field Training Plan" (2014)  A pamphlet with information on today's "203x1" (the former AFSC for a linguist).
USAFSS Historical Papers, Docs, and Essays
"USAFSS Capability in Southeast Asia" from USAFSS History Office (290 pages, 12.7 MB)
"Essay on Morse Code Operators in the Air Force" An interesting historical perspective written by a former Morse code intercept operator when he was a SNCOA student (1996)
"ESC Alert Center" by Major General Doyle Larson (former commander)
"USAFSS: An Enlisted Command" by SMSgt James S. Duncan, SNCOA Student, 1997
NSA Historical Papers/Docs (some documents are large)
"Origins of the NSA 1940-1952"
"The Early History of the NSA"
Spartans in Darkness: American SIGINT and the Indochina War 1945-1975 Excellent document. Large file (28.4 MB)
"American Cryptology during the Cold War Book I (1945-60)"
"American Cryptology during the Cold War Book II (1960-72)"
"American Cryptology during the Cold War Book III (1972-80)"
"American Cryptology during the Cold War Book IV (1981-89)"
"Electronic Intelligence at NSA" Unclassified brochure (2009)
"Cryptologic Almanac 50th Anniversary Series - A Brief Look at ELINT at NSA" (1998)
"Cryptologic Almanac 50th Anniversary Series - Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?" ("Who Watches the Watchers")
"The Joint Sobe Processing Center" (Torii Station, Okinawa) 1961-1971
"The NSA and the [USN] EC-121 Shootdown" over the sea of Japan
"The Capture of the USS Pueblo and its Effect on SIGINT Operations" Center for Cryptologic History, NSA (1992) [NOTE: NSA has a group of documents on the USS Pueblo capture on their site.
"Vietnam: A SIGINT Paradox, Part I"
"Vietnam: A SIGINT Paradox, Part II" (Both Parts I & II are short & quite "sanitized," but contain interesting tidbits nonetheless.)
"Working against the Tide" (COMSEC Monitoring and Analysis in SE Asia) (1970)
"60 Years of Defending our Nation" NSA's 60th Anniversary Brochure (very large file: 127MB)
NOTE: Per its Declassification Program, the NSA has been [partially] declassifying and releasing literally millions of documents, many more of which may be related to USAFSS' role (particularly aerial reconnaissance) in Vietnam, the Far East ... anywhere where the 6988th would have played a part. The documents listed above, while certainly not exclusive, are the ones that were initially found to be most interesting and informative — all of which, to some extent, were used as research documents for the 6988th's "History" writeup. Hopefully, many more documents about USAFSS' aerial reconnaissance programs (ACRP) will be released that will add much to that story.