Other former USAFSS organizations

  • 6901st (Germany)
  • 6903rd ESG "Skivvy 9" This is a newer (and different) site compared to the previous and fairly comprehensive "Skivvy Nine" site by John Baldwin (?), whom I believe was a Korean linguist and actually served with the 6988th in the mid-late '60s in both Japan and Korea. Unfortunately, the site went dark several years ago, and a lot of good content along with it.
  • 6913th RSM (Germany)
  • 6927th RSM Onna Point, Okinawa
  • 6937th Communications Group Peshawar, Pakistan
  • 6987th Security Group ShuLinKou Air Station, Taiwan facebook logo
  • 6990th ESG (Facebook only ... that could be found) facebook logo
  • 6994th SS Remembrance Site
  • 7406 Support Squadron
  • USAFSS Misawa Family A site by Dutch Wiest which, according to the site, is intended to be companion site of "Misawa Project, Inc.", but the Misawa Project's website is down (as noted on Wiest's site), even though FTVA helped them hold a 2014 reunion in San Antonio. Perhaps a Misawa Projectee could email this if they have a website they'd like to share on this page.

USAFSS Memorabilia For Sale

  • Florida Jim "A site for USAFSS Veterans" USAFSS memorabilia and "things USAFSS"
  • USAFSS Cafe A section on the commercial "Cafe Press" site, which says that it's a 'subsidiary' of a site named "", but that's a 'dead' site.
  • USAFSS Misawa Family "BX" Has a few things including what looks like some nice hats.

Veterans & Vietnam Veterans Sites


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